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Not the other one...

How did we get here? How could this be the way we are?

How did this country get so messed up that the best either of the major parties in a presidential race can say about their candidates is that they are not the other one? Or that the other one will ruin this country? I got news for both sides...the country is already ruined.

Let's look at what has happened in the last 20-30 years...

  • College education and scientific discovery have now become the enemy for about half of the people in the country.

  • Public shootings have become so common place that the news stories are just barely noticed blips on our radars, and there are still people who think we need MORE access to weapons for some unknown reason.

  • Police on a regular basis now shoot unarmed people. A problem that is denied by the same people who hate education.

  • Part of the U.S. citizenry is now attacking police officers.

If these things are not enough, the "news" in this country thinks it is better to report of the comings and goings of people in Hollywood or in the entertainment industry than give us real coverage of a possible coup attempt in an ally country. An attempt that I think would have proven to be a setup by the country's leader to sure up his support and arrest those who oppose him, had so-called journalists actually gave a shit.

And so when both the Dems and the Repubs can only say, 'vote for our guy because the other guy is worse', all I feel is offended. My vote is not gotten so easily. My vote is too important for such trivial bullshit. I don't just give it to someone because I am scared more of their opponent. Tell me why to vote FOR someone....tell me what they will DO for the country...otherwise come up with better candidates.

Society has changed...get over it....

In a way, I understand where this meme. Sometimes I wonder how the sweet, delicate, overprivledged, newly made "adults" will survive. Then again, in 1944 people were also encouraged to give up their mentally and/or physically disabled children to "hospitals" that would neglect and abuse them, and this was "for their own good". Society has changed because we have figured out that certain things are immoral and cause lifelong scars. So yes there are less 18 years going to serve in the millitary but we also have less young people coming home with PTSD and hurting either themselves or their families because they are untreated. So I find this meme a little on the ingorant side.

I cannot be classified...

I get so tired of reading comments from the right pushing all liberals into the same category. We are not all crazy hippies. We are not libtards either. We are just as free as conservatives to express our opinion. Sorry if you cannot handle that but I thought you loved this country. Do you love it or do you hate it? How can you love this country if you HATE over half the people who live in it? Oh, I know..you mean you love the country you thought it was when you only had to interact with those people in your general area. Well, the world has changed...the US has changed...we are more connected now than ever before. You are going to be exposed to people who do not agree with you. That does not mean you can call them "libtards" or "commies". Name calling is what children do when they are afraid they are about to lose an argument. Grow up and deal with conflict like an adult.

I also get tired of the same kind of divisiveness from the left. Not all conservatives are "fascists" or "uneducated". Many are my friends. Many are my family. They are good people whom just happen to disagree with me on some things. Get over yourself. You are not someone special because you are more politically correct than someone on the Internet. We are all just wanting what is best for this country and the world. Just because someone does not think like you, does not make them stupid. Thinking that way only makes you look like an asshole.



Every time I log into my Facebook account, I see another plea from my friends or family to "pray for our country" or "I want my country back" or (my favorite) "this country has gone downhill since they stopped prayer in school". I do not remember this "christian" nation that they all seem to think we had. I grew up in a nation of religious freedom. A place where I was not afraid to skip the word "God" in the pledge.....a place where we respected each other instead of assuming the person who thinks different from you is the enemy. We didn't have school sponsored prayer but you could pray if you wanted as long as it did not disturb class.

So this is what I have to say to those people who want THEIR country back....It is my country too. It is ALL of ours, not just the people who believe in an invisible man in the sky, not just those who worship like you, not just those with your 'values', but everyone. That is the whole point of religious freedom. You are free to have religion, and I am free to not. You get to practice your religion how you see fit, and I get to ignore it. You have the freedom of your religion, and I have the freedom from it. 
Watched the dem debate last night...mostly just to give it higher ratings than Debbie Wasserman Schultz thought it would get. I am completely convinced this woman has a crown waiting in the wings to place on Shillary's head after the very first primary. She has ignored the rules of DNC at least three times that I know of....but she just keeps on going, and no one trys to stop her.

What is the point of having two parties when they are both crazy? When they just want to keep the status quo?

I am registered as a Dem so that I can vote in primaries....I have voted almost every year since I turned 18. I really cannot see myself voting for either of the "front runners" at this point.

I wonder if Colorado has a write in law....

The Donald is a Duck (sp?)

Watching the usual ridiculousness surrounding our elections is making me rather cynical. It seems like we have entered into an alternate reality. Canidates like Donald Trump and Ben Carson are still here? The mind boggles.

The democrats are not much better. They might as well have coronated Hilary Clinton, and the only canidates that even sound reasonable are either completely ignored or considered a nutter by the press.

What has happened here? Has everyone in this country turned off their brains?


A superiority complex...

As an avid web surfer, I have been known to visit many different types of forums, blogs, news sites, etc. looking for new insights on certain subjects. Even the comment section of these sites can sometimes help me form an opinion or give me an idea on how I can investigate a topic further. One subject I am big on researching is issues around food. How to add veggies to my kids' diets, GMO research, farming techniques, etc.

Inevitability, while reading through the comment section, there will be a long diatribe from someone who thinks they are better than everyone else on the thread (maybe in the world) because he/she is a vegetarian/vegan/raw foodie/gluten free or whatever the big food fad of the moment is. They sound snide and condescending, like only their lifestyle is the right one, and they quite often feel the need to "educate" others on what they think is wrong with the world. I often call these people food snobs.

Food snobs come in many different forms, from the ones who "eww" at people in third world countries that eat bugs for protein to the over-privileged that turn their noses up at slightly wilted lettuce at the farmers market. They are a many varied species indeed. None are worse, in my opinion, than the vegan/vegetarian "meat is murder" crowd. Everyone knows the people I am talking about. They chime in on any subject that even remotely relates to meat eating and tell everyone how disgusting meat and/or dairy are. These people fit into my rare category of food snob elite.

A person is a food snob elite when they start to talk about meat production being cruel, without talking about sustainable local ranching where cattle is often cared for like family (at least until the day they are killed). Or they can earn this title by talking about how much better their lives are now, since no animals are killed for them to survive, but fail to see the millions of small mammals and reptiles that are killed every year on big-agro grow farms because of combines and tractors, or the billions (maybe trillions) of insects that are killed from pesticides as well. (We won't even get into all the species that are dying off on this planet because of the excess of greenhouse gases needed to ship fresh produce throughout the winter or all the displaced wildlife because the land being repurposed for farming.) All of that happening and we are suppose to believe their diet is "kill free"?

This is my message for these kinds of people.....Unless you grow ALL of your own food on the land you live on that you did not alter drastically for growing purposes and hand pick it yourself, use non-GMO seeds (because they splice pesticides right into those little things now) and grow them organically so there is no run-off of unnatural chemicals from your crops, you are not living "kill free". So get off your high horse and remember that just because the creatures you help to kill are small and considered pests, that does not make them more worthy of death than the cow that gave its life so I could have a steak last week. As a matter of fact, since cows, pigs, and chickens are only what they are today because of human interaction and they would all die if left to fend for themselves, I would argue that makes those smaller creatures are less worthy of a death sentence because they could survive without us. They play a part in the natural ecosystem and every single one that is killed is one less to keep that system going. So buy some land and start the hard work of farming for yourself. I am sure you can do it. Then you can come back and really tell us all what we are doing wrong. Otherwise, mind your own damn business please.